Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Stockholm, understated yet beautiful

Stockholm is undoubtedly the land of my milk and honey in Europe.  It’s a beautiful race, I mean place, clean with extraordinary architecture and oh so styling shops.
I had always thought of Sweden as a must see for anyone into modern design and in particular interior design.  Everything and I mean everything has been designed - from the chairs in the airport to the fridges in the corner cafes and supermarkets, they all possess a certain 'coolness' that can only be known as, the Scandic style.
It was recently on a trip to Stockholm that I really got to grips with the local food.  The unique tastes and inspiring combinations left me thinking this place has much more to offer than just beauty and style, its delicious too!!!
I love the fact that they are into all things super-foods, with breakfasts including bowls of cinnamon and seeds to sprinkle over your yoghurt.  Different types of health breads, rye, spelt, crackers and I thought wow these guys are onto something good, do fat Swedish people even exist? 
The pickled herrings are well worth a taste, and best eaten on a rye cracker lined with boiled potatoes, a real cacophony of flavours and textures.  The herrings come in all sorts of marinades from the sweetish honey mustard type to the more lemony tangy type.  All very good and hard to choose a favourite. 

Another favourite was the Swedish moose which I tried for the first time.  It was surprisingly up my street, very lean and tender, and was served with green mash (parsley) and an inspired cinnamon pickled beetroot.  
And I couldn’t resist their cinnamon buns and hot chocolate.

This is my idea of a hotel breakfast... by passing the eggs and bacon


Swedish moose stew, served with parsley mash and cinnamon pickled beetroot

I loved so much of these had to bring some home with me.

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